The American Poetry Review: "How to Mount a Butterfly," "The Sick Man," "The Breasts," "How and When to Use an Eraser," "The Potato," "Saint Pain," "Mathilda's Testimony," and "Via Dolorosa" (Vol. 46 No.3 - May/June 2017

AGNI: "Museum: Woman with Apple" and "Museum: Ashtray" (AGNI 84, 2016)

Poet Lore: "The Disappointment of the Cantaloupes" (Volume 133, Number 3/4)

wildness: "The Book of v" and "How He Achieved Pure Perception"

The Los Angeles Review: "Hansel and Gretel in Reverse"

(This poem will also appear in a forthcoming print edition of LAR) 

Superstition Review: "{ }," "Oriflamme" and "The Blackberries"

Plume: "Testimony of an Armless Man"


diode poetry journal: "The Lyre," and "The History of my Body"


Tupelo Quarterly Review of Marosa di Giorgio's I Remember Nightfall


Tupelo Quarterly Review of Asiya Wadud's Crosslight for Youngbird

Superstition Review Going by Way of the Unknown

Honors & Awards

Eyewear Publishing's 2019 Beverly Prize for International Literature - Finalist

Los Angeles Review's 2019 Flash Fiction Award - Finalist


The Raw Art Review's Francis Ponge Prize for Prose Poetry - Winner

F(r)iction's 2018 Literary Contest for Flash Fiction - Finalist

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