Books & Anthologies

Dark Braid (BkMk Press)

The Strategic Poet (Terrapin Books, Ed. Diane Lockward)

Named a Best Book for Writers by P&W magazine


Nonwhite and Woman: 153 Micro Essays on Being in the World (Woodhall Press, Eds. Darien Hsu Gee and Carla Crujido) forthcoming, September 2022


The American Poetry Review: "How to Mount a Butterfly," "The Sick Man," "The Breasts," "How and When to Use an Eraser," "The Potato," "Saint Pain," "Mathilda's Testimony," and "Via Dolorosa" (Vol. 46 No.3 - May/June 2017

AGNI: "Museum: Woman with Apple" and "Museum: Ashtray" (AGNI 84, 2016)

Poet Lore: "The Disappointment of the Cantaloupes" (Volume 133, Number 3/4)

wildness: "The Book of v" and "How He Achieved Pure Perception"

The Los Angeles Review: "Hansel and Gretel in Reverse"

(This poem was also anthologized in the 23rd print edition of LAR)

Superstition Review: "{ }," "Oriflamme" and "The Blackberries"

Plume: "Testimony of an Armless Man"


diode poetry journal: "The Lyre," and "The History of my Body"

Boulevard: "Draw

Hunger Mountain: "Slow Apocalypse" (Issue 25)

Flash Fiction & Hybrid Writing

Tahoma Literary Review "The Red Hair"


Bath Flash Fiction Anthology "The Button Wife"

New Flash Fiction Review "Olla's Daughter," "The Shrinking Husband"

Miracle Monocle "Amygdala," "How We Learned About Our Bodies," "The Silent Sisters"

Essays & Reviews

Green Mountains Review Review of Amy Beeder's "And so Wax was Made & Also Honey" forthcoming

RHINO Graphic review of Cynthia Cruz's "The Glimmering Room"

Tupelo Quarterly Review of Marosa di Giorgio's "I Remember Nightfall"


Tupelo Quarterly Review of Asiya Wadud's "Crosslight for Youngbird"

Superstition Review Going by Way of the Unknown

Honors & Awards

Bath Flash Fiction Award, Best Small Fictions nomination

Bath Flash Fiction Award, Best of the Net nomination

2021 Bath Flash Fiction Award - First Place Winner

2021 New Flash Fiction Review Award - First Place Winner

2021 Ralph Angel Poetry Prize (Judged by Mary Ruefle) - Shortlisted

2020 Julie Suk Award - Longlisted

Tahoma Literary Review, Pushcart Prize nomination for fiction

Eyewear Publishing's 2019 Beverly Prize for International Literature - Finalist

Los Angeles Review's 2019 Flash Fiction Award - Finalist


The Raw Art Review's Francis Ponge Prize for Prose Poetry - Winner

F(r)iction's 2018 Literary Contest for Flash Fiction - Finalist